Are Expensive Groceries Straining Your Budget?

Learn the easy strategies I use to drastically cut my grocery bill … without depriving my family of our favorite things.

And save 60% on groceries like these...

60% off groceries

And these...

60% off groceries

And 70% off groceries like these...

70% off groceries

Ever seen those “Extreme Couponers” who get a giant cart load of groceries for pennies on the dollar?

You gotta wonder … How do they do it?

Then you snap back to reality and think

Who has time for that?

(As you ring up your own purchase and pay 10x as much as they just did)

Let’s face it …

You just can’t get a loaf of bread for $0.25 anymore.

The cost of groceries is climbing with no end in sight.

I don’t know about you, but my budget is ity-bity.

I HAD to find a way to squeeze all my groceries into my almost non-existent budget.

I sifted through books, websites, blogs, you name it. And I learned all the tricks of the trade!

Sometimes it was exciting to find great deals.

But then I learned all the sucky things they don’t tell you.

  • Researching, planning, calculating, cutting, cutting, cutting, and more cutting (and maybe a little clipping too!)
  • Leaving for the store at the crack of dawn so someone else doesn’t get what you want first.
  • Store hopping, buying a few things here and a few things there. Never getting a full cart at a single store.

YUK! I was getting burnt out!

I didn't need "Extreme" ... I needed practical!

It took me a while, but I finally uncovered all of the secrets.

That's what I'm here to talk to you about ...

How to save without being one of those crazy shoppers.

That's why created...




Hi, I'm Cameron from Savvy Savers Academy

Over the years I’ve gotten grocery shopping down to a science.

I’ve simplified the process while still getting the same great savings as “extremers”.

I’ve taught this same system to hundreds of families and helped them save TONS of money.

Save hundreds ... if not THOUSANDS of dollars in the coming months on your grocery bill

Video Trainings

Comprehensive lessons for everything you need to know to save money and shop with confidence. Learn at your own pace.

Shopping Tips and Tricks

Understand all the ins and outs of sales, shopping with coupons, and meal planning. The trifecta of saving at the grocery store.

Online Resource Library

The work has already been done for you. Learn how to find great deals and know you're getting the best price with all the resources you need in one convenient location.

You Don't Have to Use Coupons for Everything.

Have special products your family needs? 

Want to splurge every now and again? 

Go right ahead! 

There aren't any coupon police standing behind you in the checkout line ...

You'll save so much money on a wide variety of items throughout your home that you'll notice your budget suddenly opens up to buy the things you want to buy ...

Guilt free. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Lifetime access to the entire course with videos, worksheets and assignments are broken down into bite-sized modules so that you don't get overwhelmed and can immediately start saving on your grocery trips.

Similar online courses run for $49 or more ... 

Access to this course is just $27

You could totally trade your next pizza night for a boat-load of grocery saving happiness! (insert a "cha-ching" sound affect if you'd like)

What past students are saying...

I saved $60 on my very first trip to the store after your class! Thank you!"


I used to be a big time couponer. I’d spend hours cutting and organizing and taking my big binder to the store everywhere. Your system is so much easier and makes a lot more sense. It’ll save me a lot of time and I’ll still save a lot of money."


I started shopping with your system and after only a few trips to the store I’ve already saved over $90 on my groceries and am starting to stock pile. It’s been well worth it."


Here's what you'll learn ...

  • Quick, simple organization. Spare yourself the time and embarrassment of carrying around a 25lb binder of coupons everywhere you go.
  • Plan your trips to the store to be in and out in a jiffy.
  • The right way to plan meals with clear-cut solutions for feeding your family on a shoestring budget.
  • How to avoid newbie mistakes at the grocery store that cost you money.
  • Sleazy shopping habits to avoid that give couponers a bad name and make store clerks dread you at check out.


I started out just as skeptical as anyone with plenty of reservations going through my head.

Here are answers to some common concerns ...

I don't eat foods that coupons are for

We have special diets or need special products.

Why $27? Can't I find the information online for less?

I don't have time to take your course

I don't have time to grocery shop

I save by buying in bulk at warehouse stores. Aren't prices at Sam's Club, Costco, BJs better than the grocery store?

Save Money on Your Groceries In the Next 30-Days or Your Money Back

Try this online course risk free for 30-Days. If you implement the strategies and do not save money on your groceries just send me a message and I'll refund your money! I really don't think you'll need to worry about it, but in case you are you can put your mind at ease.