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How to Make a Cash Envelope Budget to Save You Money

I’ve be using a cash envelopes budget system for nearly 10 years now and it has been life changing.

Before using my envelopes, I solely used credit and debit cards. The problem was I always seemed to run out of money and could never keep up on my budget.

The temptation to buy stuff was always lingering and burning big holes in my pocket. I'd buy whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Just put it on the card and make the payments. Sound familiar?

When I decided to get serious about paying off debt was when I switched to using envelopes, it has a lot to do with why I was successful and can stick to a budget.

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How My Family Eats Well on a $400/Month Grocery Budget

I admit it, I'm a lazy shopper.

I have little kids that make shopping less than fun and there are so many other things to be doing. Grocery shopping is not my favorite chore.

Even though I don’t enjoy it, I’ve found ways to save my family a lot of money on groceries and not have to spend too much time at the grocery store.

Saving money on groceries doesn’t have to be difficult or “extreme”. There are some simple steps you can take to cut your grocery spending and save a lot of money.

Let’s talk about some ways you can cut your grocery bill and still eat healthy.

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7 Tricks to Kick the Overspending Habit for Good (and Still Enjoy Life)

We’re all guilty of it from time to time.

Even with the best laid plans, it’s inevitable that we’ll go over budget now and then.

But what happens when it’s not just a little thing here and there? (Those are almost unavoidable). What happens if it becomes a serious problem and consistently puts you over your budget?

Compulsive spending habits can cause serious strain on your finances and your relationships with others. The good news is, there is a way to overcome it if you put some effort into it. And, contrary to popular belief, you can still enjoy life even if you’re not spending more money than you have.

Let’s learn some ways on how to avoid overspending.

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The 10 Best Ways to Use Your Tax Return

Ohhhh, the temptations!

If you’ve got money headed your way at tax time, you might have dreams of a Disney vacation, new kitchen appliances or a theater room upgrade dancing around in your head.

What should you really do with your tax refund? And can you resist the temptation of the cruise you’ve been dreaming of while you try some more practical approaches how to spend your money.

Let’s take a look at what you should really be doing with that money.

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