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The One Thing Missing from Your Budget That’s a Life Changer

You try to make a reasonable budget and sooner or later it falls apart or find you just can’t stick to it.

It feels like a diet. As soon as you commit to it, all you see chocolate cake and french fries.

If you’re on a “money diet” (aka “budget”) you might feel like you’re no longer allowed to spend money on that thing you really want.

Worse yet, you’ve tried your darnedest to remember everything, then something unexpected (like a flat tire, an annual membership or a pair of broken glasses) pops its ugly face into your budget and breaks it.

The good news is, a budget is not a diet and doesn’t have to be restrictive. With a little forethought you can have guilt-free spending and be prepared for the budget busters that want to sneak up on you.

The one thing that’s missing from your budget that changes everything is alligator expenses.

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9 Money Tips Your High School Grad Needs to Know Before Going to College

Ready or not, there they go!

It’s been 18 or so years where you’ve held the reins and directed your child the best you could. Now they’re about to embark on their own journey. In charge of their own destiny.

A little scary and a little exciting, isn’t it!

Are you ready?

Are they ready?

Do you trust them to handle money the right way?

Before you send them out the door on their way to manage their own finances, try to reinforce a few key points about money. Set them up from day one for financial success.

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How to Catch Up When You’re Behind on Bills

The phone rings and you dread answering it.

Is it that nasty collector on the line? You know the payment is due. You’ll pay them when you can.

If you don’t answer, will they start bothering your family that you listed as a reference?

While it takes time and effort to get caught up, it is possible. Let’s get you there so you don’t have to worry about paying your bills anymore with the following steps.

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