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Why Budgets = Freedom, Not Restriction

Eeeww, yuk!

It’s as if "budget" was a naughty word.

Or at least as appealing as the word “diet”.

Somehow this word got twisted out of proportion to mean you’re being restricted. That you can’t buy things you want.

Here's a common one around the office. “Ahh, I’d love to go out to lunch with friends today, but I’m on a budget.”

Here's another one someone actually told me, "My ​wife refuses to be on a budget, she thinks budgets are restrictive because you're not allowed to spend money " (umm, misinformed?)

Actually the reverse is what’s true. Budgets = freedom, and I’ll show you why.

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How to Pay Cash For Big Expenses

Ever wish you could slap down a wad of cash to pay for anything you want?

There are numerous reasons why paying cash is so appealing to many people.

  1. You own what you just bought because you used your own money to pay for it, not someone else’s.
  2. You got to pay a better price because you don’t have to pay interest.
  3. You won’t add to your pile of debt. (Even someone who is careful with credit cards can end up in an unfortunate debt predicament if life throws them a curve ball.)​

There are more, but I’ll leave it at that. (You can check out cash vs. credit in our article here)

So making the switch. Is it possible? Don’t know where to begin?

Related: In this article we discussed “money buckets” and the freeing power they possess.

It’s not hard to set up, here’s how.

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18 Budget Busters You Forgot to Plan For

Will you or won’t you have enough money?

It’s the dreaded “other” column in your budget. The intermittent surprises that wreak havoc on your well planned monthly budget. All the miscellaneous things you want to have money for but you can’t seem to remember them all.

Saving for the less frequent expenses can be a life saver! Here’s a list to jog your memory:

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