The Worst Advice You Can Get to Pay Off Debt (And What to Do Instead)

Heads or tails?

If you want to pay off debt you can’t leave it to chance.

Choosing a strategy might feel like picking a side to a coin. Will it really work?

You should pick a solution that will get you the best results while sparing your dignity.

When it comes to paying off debt, there are solutions you should avoid like the plague.

Don’t sentence yourself to the worst possible payoff strategies.

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What is the Honey App and Why It’s a Must Have for Shopping Online

I love shopping online.

Let’s face it, dragging little kids with you to the store who want to run away and touch everything deflates the fun of shopping in the store.

The convenience of shopping online can’t be beat.

There are plenty of ways to save money while shopping online. I’ve got one more for you to add to your bag of tricks.

It’s called Honey.

“What exactly is Honey?” you ask.

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How to Save Money on New Clothes for Kids

There they go again ...

Your kids just outgrew their clothes, didn't they? 

And it's only been like two months since you bought their last pair of jeans, am I right? (Or close?)

It's kind of not fair. I think the last time I bought myself new clothes was like 10 years ago!


Clothes can be expensive, and kids grow out of them quickly.

An obvious solution to save money on kids clothes would be to buy used clothes at a thrift store.

There are some pros and cons to buying at a thrift store, so you may want to buy new clothes for your kids. Sometimes cheap kids clothes are ... well, cheap.

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6 Legitimate Home Business Ideas You Can Start This Month (and How to Start)

No boss. No commute. Work your own hours.

How would it be?

Starting your own business can be very rewarding but it does take hard work and persistence to get going and start making an income.

No business will work if you don’t.

I’m not interested in any get-rich-quick schemes and most network marketing businesses for that matter. I want to know that when I work, I’ll get paid.

If that interests you, I’ve got several great home business ideas that I've had personal experience with or know someone with personal experience.

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