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The True Cost of Owning a Home—10 Things to Consider Before You Buy

Is it a white picket fence in the suburbs, a secluded ranch in the countryside, or maybe owning an apartment in a high-rise in the middle of a bustling city?

Owning your own home is a dream of just about everyone.

Whatever your dream of homeownership, don’t let it turn into a nightmare by being unprepared for the true financial responsibility of owning a home.

Take some time to plan your financial situation and be fully aware of what all is involved and owning a home will be a more pleasant, less stressful experience.

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5 Most Underrated Habits That’ll Make You a Financial Rockstar

Have you ever planted a garden? Starting fresh by placing seeds in the ground and watching them grow?

From humble beginnings, tiny seeds can grow into a variety of plants that can provide nourishment and beauty in our lives and our world.

Looking at the tiny seeds, you might not see the potential and power held in such an insignificant little vessel. Just like seeds, the actions we take and habits we create, can grow into something beautiful that cultivates our future.

If we develop poor habits, we will find ourselves living in a field of weeds that we unwittingly grew and overtake our lives. Living in the financial weeds can look like an empty bank account, a pile of debt, no plans for emergencies, suffering along from paycheck to paycheck, or crossing your fingers that you’ll be able to retire.

Let’s step out of the financial weeds and review the most underrated habits that hold tremendous power to achieving financial success.

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9 Money Tips Your High School Grad Needs to Know Before Going to College

Ready or not, there they go!

It’s been 18 or so years where you’ve held the reins and directed your child the best you could. Now they’re about to embark on their own journey. In charge of their own destiny.

A little scary and a little exciting, isn’t it!

Are you ready?

Are they ready?

Do you trust them to handle money the right way?

Before you send them out the door on their way to manage their own finances, try to reinforce a few key points about money. Set them up from day one for financial success.

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How to Work from Home Teaching English as a VIPKID Teacher

Online learning has been gaining popularity in the last several years. Not only can you take advantage as a student, but there are growing opportunities to teach online and earn a nice income from home.

One such company providing teaching opportunities is VIPKID. This company, based in Beijing, China, hires teachers from the United States and Canada to teach English to Chinese children online.

The company currently boasts over 30,000 teachers and more than 200,000 students.

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