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Cameron is a Financial Coach who works with couples and individuals to achieve financial freedom and peace of mind. She believes being in control of money = less stress + more fun! Join her on the journey to think about money less and enjoy life more.

The One Thing Missing from Your Budget That’s a Life Changer

You try to make a reasonable budget and sooner or later it falls apart or find you just can’t stick to it.

It feels like a diet. As soon as you commit to it, all you see chocolate cake and french fries.

If you’re on a “money diet” (aka “budget”) you might feel like you’re no longer allowed to spend money on that thing you really want.

Worse yet, you’ve tried your darnedest to remember everything, then something unexpected (like a flat tire, an annual membership or a pair of broken glasses) pops its ugly face into your budget and breaks it.

The good news is, a budget is not a diet and doesn’t have to be restrictive. With a little forethought you can have guilt-free spending and be prepared for the budget busters that want to sneak up on you.

The one thing that’s missing from your budget that changes everything is alligator expenses.

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The True Cost of Owning a Home—10 Things to Consider Before You Buy

Is it a white picket fence in the suburbs, a secluded ranch in the countryside, or maybe owning an apartment in a high-rise in the middle of a bustling city?

Owning your own home is a dream of just about everyone.

Whatever your dream of homeownership, don’t let it turn into a nightmare by being unprepared for the true financial responsibility of owning a home.

Take some time to plan your financial situation and be fully aware of what all is involved and owning a home will be a more pleasant, less stressful experience.

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How to Live Frugally Without Feeling Poor or Deprived

First let’s define what being frugal is, and what it isn’t.

In my dictionary, there’s a definite difference between being frugal and being cheap.

Living frugally means you’re paying attention to your money and making sure you only spend it on things that are necessary and for the best price. Splurging isn’t forbidden; but thought is put into a purchase to make sure the splurge isn’t a burden.

Being cheap means neglecting to give appropriate dollar value to products and services and refusing to pay for the value you receive, even if you have the money for it. Being cheap is more about having a negative attitude about parting with money.

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5 Most Underrated Habits That’ll Make You a Financial Rockstar

Have you ever planted a garden? Starting fresh by placing seeds in the ground and watching them grow?

From humble beginnings, tiny seeds can grow into a variety of plants that can provide nourishment and beauty in our lives and our world.

Looking at the tiny seeds, you might not see the potential and power held in such an insignificant little vessel. Just like seeds, the actions we take and habits we create, can grow into something beautiful that cultivates our future.

If we develop poor habits, we will find ourselves living in a field of weeds that we unwittingly grew and overtake our lives. Living in the financial weeds can look like an empty bank account, a pile of debt, no plans for emergencies, suffering along from paycheck to paycheck, or crossing your fingers that you’ll be able to retire.

Let’s step out of the financial weeds and review the most underrated habits that hold tremendous power to achieving financial success.

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