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Affiliate Partnership

Help busy families save money on groceries!

Do you have a blog for moms, frugal living, saving money or sharing coupon deals?

Or do you save a lot of money on groceries and people are constantly asking you how you do it?

Refer them to Load Your Cart for Less and earn a generous commission!

About Load Your Cart for Less

Families are crazy busy these days and saving money on groceries can be difficult and time consuming. This video e-course is designed to teach busy families practical ways to save money groceries.

Course Highlights

Here is what is taught through the Load Your Cart for Less eCourse

  • Create goals and a budget for grocery shopping
  • Understand sales cycles and marketing gimmicks
  • Use practical coupon strategies; easy to stay organized (no binders!)
  • Purpose of stockpiling and how to do it reasonably
  • How to find deals and know you are getting a good price
  • Meal planning tips and strategies
  • How to save using your smart phone
  • Online resource library: everything you need all in one spot

About the Affiliate Program

Load Your Cart for Less is an evergreen course that can be promoted through your email list as well as generate passive reach through your blog posts. It is compatible with posts about saving money on groceries, meal planning, couponing or grocery rebate app reviews.

Affiliate Highlights

60 Day Cookie
40 %
Base Commission

40% commission on sales you make

10 %
Referral Commission

Refer an affiliate and receive 10% commission on sales they refer 


How and when are payments made?

How much commission do I earn?

Can I purchase the course at a discount?

Can I offer discounts to my readers?

If this is a good fit for your network or readers, we would love to have you on board!

(This course is US based; it may not be beneficial to those outside the US)